Saturday, 11 May 2013

So I've started...

So Blogging is one of those activities and social media things I said I would never do...well, what's the point I thought. What do I have to say? Well, I don't know is the answer. But as a developing artist and illustrator, I do want to share with you what I'm doing, what I'm working on, my pictures with you, my interests and maybe a few art and design tips. So...we will see what develops over time. Watch this space as they say! And yes, that's me Angela Cutler, below. Why am I standing in a graveyard?

I was visiting the Kimpton Art Fair in Hertfordshire last week and it's held in the village church, hence the location! Kimpton is a very picturesque village in West Herts with some houses dating back to the 16th century and keeps a strong sense of community. The art fair is held on the 1st bank holiday in May and started as a small fundraiser for the church - it's now in its' 32nd year and about 300 original pieces of art from local amateur and professional artists were exhibited. Being May Day, they also have a village fair, craft show, may pole and all the usual activities you expect on this day. In my next post I'll show you the piece that stood out for me.