Friday, 6 January 2017

Strength and Determination

Hi everyone - yes once again it's been a long time between posts. I haven't created much art recently, and I'm not big into making New Year resolutions, but I am going to try and endeavour to create more art this year. If I do, I of course will keep you updated so cross your fingers for me. Perhaps you could also check back every now and again, or drop me a note to encourage me too!

Another area that I haven't done much of recently is write. I love to write. For me it's just as valid an outlet for expression as drawing, playing guitar and I'm an avid book reader and song lyric listener fan as much as one of art.

If something gets stuck in my head and rattles around and won't get out, writing it down in some form, whether prose or a poem, seems to exorcise the daemons! I'm not comparing myself to Blake or T.S. Elliot - I'm more like Pooh Bear or Dr. Seuss when it comes to verse and I'm somewhat rusty with it too. But, I had a bee in my bonnet and needed to let it out, so here's me just getting it out there.

I am me by Angela Cutler

To be as me as me,
Took a very long time.
I am what you see,
What else could I be?

I struggled a lot,
The path that I trod,
I’d pause to take stock
Searching like Sherlock.

I got there you know,
Discovered my truth,
I go with the flow,
Not one to follow.

I’m happy it’s true
To know that I’m me,
I can’t be like you
With your differing view.

Take what you see,
No sliding scale of
Accept me for me.

You tell me you’re right.
I know my own mind.
I’ll put up a fight,
I may not be polite!

Don’t say I’m misled,
Don’t want your doctrine.
I’ll look straight ahead
Feeling quite liberated!

My heart is my own,
In that I delight,
Love I’ve been shown,
Bright like a gemstone.

I’m glad to be me,
Be all that I am,
I’m finally free,
Living my reality.

So as you can see
I’m really alright,
Cos I’ve found the key
To be as me as me. 

Copyright 2017 Angela Cutler