Friday, 21 February 2014

Twilight Flight

Escaping the Twilight Zone

Here in Britain we've been experiencing one of the wettest winters in 100 years. Winter had seemed to be never ending - the dark days, even darker nights, chilly temperatures and above all rain, rain, rain and more rain. We have been deluged. With the rain came overcast and continuous days of greyness with hardly a spark of sunshine breaking through. It's hard to get through winter that have been as long this one. It made me think of struggle. More immediately, those struggling with floods and its after-effects and the heartache it causes or those struggling with other internal emotions that through their own darkness often can't see the light. Sometimes, I myself, feel like I'm living in twilight - never quite reaching the joy that I believe should be in my life. But I do try and my faith pulls me along and constantly my heart is drawn to God's light.

Drawing of barn owl in flight with moon
© 2014 Angela Cutler. Twilight Flight. Pencil, oil pastel on paper.

I live just outside London, on the edge of the countryside and one dark night driving along a country lane bordered by fields I saw a ghostly waft of white feathers silently flit across the road infront of me and then to land as light as a dancer on a fence post. It was a barn owl. As quickly as she had flitted across the road, I had sped past, but the image and the beauty, once again. was ingrained on my mind...and in my heart. Even if it was only seconds - it was a moment of sheer beauty and delight.

© 2014 Angela Cutler. Twilight Flight - detail.

Owls in mythology are often associated with being messengers from God. The Barn Owl hunts silently at night and with its' white plumage casts a ghostly spectre and has often been associated with death. Death in spirituality can mean many things and it is not always final; it can also mean the end of one thing and the start of another - so I choose to see it as meaning change.

The scene inspired me to think that even in the darkness of night, sheer beauty not only exists, but thrives. I felt as though the barn owl was a symbol or totem that we can change and shrug off the darkness that can creep inside our souls - we can always strive towards the light and become that object of beauty and grace that God made us to be.

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