Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Diving Down Deep

Immersed! Keep staring at this painting, pull yourself towards it, feel it surrounding you, fall into it and drown in its depths. This is my intention for painting this abstract, that you might experience what I feel when I close my eyes, pray, meditate and reach my spirit and mind outside of me and find that connection to God. My experience that I am trying to portray, could I suppose be called transcendental.

© 2012 Angela Cutler. Immersed. Oil pastel and acrylic on paper.

Whilst the painting is only roughly A3 in size, when I look at it I really want the painting to be enormous. Something I could step into, that I could turn around and see it all around me, above me and below me. But if I look at it and close my eyes, I can still feel my original thoughts from when I was inspired to paint it, and this is how I imagine it to be.

This is one of my early attempts at exploring art and media by just letting whatever I feel for that moment develop on the paper. I start off with a thought, an expression of me in time, and I allowed that to flow through me. I don't really know what the end result is ultimately going to be and by half way through I think I've probably messed up, although I do try and not be judgemental about what's appearing. However, by the end, somehow it's coalesced into something quite dynamic. I'm trying to keep my mind out of the process and just express from my heart; and I find I'm surprised each time!